Monday, March 30, 2009

A great application of Twitter to a local business model

I know where the waffle truck is.

For background, I believe the future of online is to build stronger local communities. As we grow larger networks online, it ironically empowers us to get closer to the people and businesses that operate offline by enabling more targeted communication within an increasingly wired world. Back in the very old days (you know, the eighties), the best your local pizza place could do was get a couple ads in the high school sports program or pennysaver, maybe spring for a radio spot if they were somehow flush with coin, and hope you showed up…. Now my local pizza guy can hit me with geotagged text ads, will soon be able to pop ads on my mobile browser via GPS location (say, when I'm doing a search on local pizza…), and so on.

I live in New York City and the density of the town allows for experimentation that can only happen in urban environments (increasing the urban is another back-to-the-future concept that I believe in). There are mobile food purveyors that have developed cult-like followings while selling food from old fashioned concession trucks like you see at a job site or a fair, just parked there on the street. I love that.

The waffle truck is often in my neighborhood, and I always know exactly where and when because of their daily Twitter update. They tend to go to Brooklyn on the weekend. sigh.

And, as a Twitter follower of the Waffletruck, I have the inside scoop on specials for the day via a secret code:

Except on international waffle day, where all were able to benefit, which seems right and just...

What are your favorite uses of Twitter for local businesses?

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